Terms and Conditions



  • Bidders must have an account before transacting on the platform.
  • A minimum registration fee of USD 200.00 must be paid before bidding


The platform has two (2) types of selling points: – The Buy Now option or Bid Option.
Buy Now Option
  • For the Buy Now option bidders will buy domains at USD 30.00
  • In the Buy Now option the buying price is inclusive of the registration price and is paid immediately. The domain will be removed from the platform as soon as payment is made.

Bid Option

  • In the Bidding option, the winner will be notified via email and must pay for the domain within 7 working days after the Auction date has been closed. Failure to which, the domain will be awarded to the 2nd highest bidder who must pay within 7 working days after notification of being the winner.
  • Winners must show proof of initiating the payment process within 72 hours after being declared winners.
  • Top up prices will be set at USD10.00 above the set minimum bidding price.
  • Two (2) bids of a similar price can’t be placed simultaneously.

Customer Service

Bidders can reach KeNIC support team on + 254 715 27 54 83 or email on


The currency to be used during the auction is Kenya Shillings or US dollars.

Status of the domains on the auction platform

  1. Active when the domain is being auctioned.
  2. Unpaid when the domain has been sold but still waiting for the payment to be done.
  3. Waiting the 2nd highest bidder response when the winner of the auction did not pay the domain within the 7 working days given to make the payment after the auction closed.
  4. Unsold when none of the winners made the payment, then the domain can be listed again for another given auction in the future.
  5. Sold when the winner has paid the for the domain and the domain will be marked sold.


KENIC would like to maintain a safe, fair, and enjoyable marketplace for bidders. If you are a bidder, we ask that you review and understand our policies, including the KeNIC User Agreement before you bid on or buy a domain.

  1. You will not be able to access the KeNIC Auction portal if your account contains false contact information. You must provide accurate & up to date contacts.
  2. In order to bid, you are required to pay a refundable registration fee of USD 200. This will be payable through MPESA (for local users) or Afripay (for international users).
  3. The bidding price is different from the domain Registration price, after winning a bid, the winner will choose a Registrar and pay the cost for domain registration and other services offered by Registrars.
  4. If you are the highest bidder, the refundable registration deposit will form part of the amount paid for the domain.
  5. If you place bids for multiple domains, only one winning bid will be inclusive of the minimum registration fee of USD 200. The other winning bids will be paid in full amount.
  6. A client cannot use the minimum registration fee to purchase domains from the BUY NOW option. The minimum registration fee is only for acquisition of domains in the Gold and Platinum clusters.
  7. Bidders will be informed about their winning bid after the auction closes.
  8. If you have won the bid, please note that the amount won for the domain must be paid directly to KeNIC by the bidder. Once payment has been made to KeNIC, the bidder must now select a registrar of his choice to facilitate transfer of the domain name.
  9. You will only be able pay for and have your domain within 7 working days after the auction date has been closed.
  10. Upon winning a bid, you are required to commit to paying for the domain, and make payment within 7 working days.
  11. Failure to pay for a bid will result in it being awarded to the next highest bidder.
  12. Be careful about bidding on several domains if you only want one. If you're the winning bidder of more than one domain name, you need to purchase all the domains you've won.
  13. All won domains will be registered and released to the client after the auction phase is closed.
  14. In case you do not win a bid, the refundable registration deposit will be refunded back to you. For unsuccessful bidders, the refund of the registration fee will be less the bank transfer charges.
  15. The minimum registration fee will be refunded to all unsuccessful bidders within 7 working days once the auction date has been closed.
  16. This fee for the BUY NOW OPTION only caters for domain acquisition and registration, other services offered by registrars will not be covered by this fee and will be billed as per the agreement between a Registrar and Registrant.
  17. The auction will be done in different batches with different reserve prices. This will be communicated accordingly.
  18. You can only bid if you really intend to buy the domain. Please don't place a bid unless you mean to buy it.


For more information Call us on +254 715 27 54 83 or E-mail